They Emphasize Lone ACTORS After Alleged Attack In Prague Czech Republic.

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Follow-up To My Previous Video, They Repeat Lone Actors Twice In This Report Claiming Credible Threats On U.S. Soil After Gunman Is Alleged To Have Killed 14 Students And Wounded 25 Others In Prague Czech Republic. The Key To Any Mind Control Program And Hypnosis Is Repetition. As Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder Said, We literally Have To Brainwash People Every Day. They Claim That This Is What Keeps Homeland Security and The FBI Awake At Night Trying To Thwart Lone Wolf Attacks And Those They Have Allowed To Come Into This Country Illegally, Homeland Security And The FBI Are The The Biggest Terrorist Organizations Responsible For Many Of The Terrorist Attacks In This Country, Whether They Are Drills Or Real Terrorist Attacks On American Soil.


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