Soldiers on LSD

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I’m a product of those LSD days of the late 60’s, early 70’s. Took over 50 "trips". Frankly, we had no idea of what was actually in the tabs or blotter. A friend of mine knew where I kept my stash. They were in a bag and 4-5 of them kind of fell apart into powder. It was strong stuff. He grabbed the bag and left me money. He thought it was only about 1 tab. He went to a party at Mike Milbury’s (former Boston Bruin player and coach, etc, I grew up with in the same class) home. He started getting crazy high on the OD of LSD. He left the party, and started walking. He ended up being arrested, naked, barking at a dog (who was barking at him) on his hands and knees. They asked him where he got it, and out of his mind, he named several other guys who had nothing at all to do with anything. Ah, yes, the "good old acid days". Amazing I lived through it all.

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  • Date:  2022-11-29 21:45:13
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