Australia declares "LEGAL" PROXY WAR on Russia. Sends Weapons and troops.

Please select playlist name from following They didn’t tell you what the Anomaly in the law was. I did ;) "(4) Nothing in this section applies to an act done by a person in the course
of, and as part of, his service in any capacity in or with-
(a) the armed forces of the government of a foreign country; or
(b) any other armed force in respect of which a declaration by the
Minister under sub-section 9 (2) is in force. "
It is legal in Australia to fight for UKRAINE or RUSSIA. This is interesting as they are both legitimate foreign governments. Therefore it is legal for the Australian Army to change uniforms and engage in a proxy war and use the Australian weapons we are shipping to Ukraine. What would happen if Russia acted back just like America did to Laos in the Vietnam war against a country that gave AID to someone who they are at war with. Humm, interesting. America set the benchmark that Australia is now fair game for Russian bombs.
[In reply to Luke McKee] Ukrainian Properganda Division recently bombed by Russia - Australia/EU’s Ally demands foreign citizens with military experience in foreign EU/AU countries sign up to fight for Ukraine’s Military. If the @AusFedPolice #GLLO homopedocops allow this through selective enforcement of laws to prevent Australians from joining up in foreign conflicts then Australia is at war with Russia in all but name only as we are sending trained soldiers and weaponry into the conflict zone.

We saw this in 1933 "Judea declares war on Germany!" Here we have the head Rabbi of Ukraine saying he is "on the side of light" [reference to the light bringer Lord Lucifer?] Against the evil opposition to #KievPride #ChildSodomy. He also says no Jews ever shelled or bombed a building in Gaza just like the avatar for this group screenshotted from a NY Head Rabbi saying no Rabbi ever killed a baby through "Metzitzah B’Peh" "Oral Suction" of children’s penis as the Babylonian Talmud Shabbos 133b demands all Rabbi’s must do or be relieved of duty for not doing the good baby dick suck. He also said that the Russians fight dirty compared to the Jews in Palestine. He also calls on fellow Muslim Semites to do Jihad in Ukraine. WTF. @deepstatepedohunters pinned messages have the autopsy photos censored from John Hopkins medical university website of the Jewish babies who died from Rabbis literally sucking baby dicks and Germany passing laws to legalize Rabbi’s sucking off babies after a Cologne Rabbi was arrested in 2012 for doing Metzitzah B’Peh. Fuck you #ASIO We are now sending missiles to Ukraine, and soldiers through a loophole too in our legislation.


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