Epic Corruption. Forensic proof NZ Gov faked a 3kg cocaine bust at Auckland Airport Nov13th

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Political Refugee from Australia Luke McKee and Professor Jim Fetzer expose the plight of another Australian Political Refugee Brendon Lee O'Connell witnessing a confession from a cellmate held without charge for a month that NZ customs stole 400g of 90% pure cocaine.

I've done nothing illegal trying to report this to the UNODC when I went to their offices for 3 mins yesterday, but they asked me to leave and go to the head office of the UN in Hanoi. I saw my picture on the security desk, so I photographed it and left. I['m concern what governments will do to people who expose this level of corruption that could bring down the whole NZ government and their peoples trust in it.

Forensic Proof that the NZ government staged a 3KG drug bust at Auckland airport November 13th 2017.
The drugs really came in October 13th when Brendon Lee Oconnell arrived. The coverup is massive and even involves Border Patrol TV show and numerous government agencies
Brendan was a torture victim and political refugee from Australia formally granted asylum in Iran, also tortured in NZ and force medicated, who began a hunger strike at Mt Eaden prison
He was two days ago and arrived in Malaysia yesterday.

Held without charge for 2 months, and was arrested airside at the airport contary to new zealand law that requires a charge filed within 3 months. Highly illegal human rights abuse.
A drug bust of this size in October 13th would have been reported, and small drug busts like this get reported.

Also the drug dealer was held without charge for a month, and then escorted to the airport in a car to fake a drugs bust November 13th.

This proves NZ news and NZ government press releases are fake news.

Brendons Letter:!f0BBgJCA!QtzsXFswdJzL3YTfuJcN9vvPbObEaQYxGFVQ6ncEcb8
The raw email proving letter on gmail Nov 11 NZ time.!T4RD2QaJ!A7Y7IjSrikwGLYH6MHFTr9iHMVQEtjciHuPd_G5hffU

Upload the raw email containing brendan['s letter to any DKIM verification service to prove it is authentic in circulation before the drug dealer is alleg (website but not download link child sex cult['s Treasurer David Bottrill extorted censored interview) of Brendan OConnell from November 2014
I barely insulted the OTO and only mentioned their previous court cases. Hear what triggered them here. David Bottrill has also done other OTO Zionist censorship activities against

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