Who is Behind the "Covid Tracking Project" and the Manufacturing of Covid Lockdowns - READ info.

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States across America are now declaring severe lockdowns in response to a regular stream of disturbing Covid statistics.
Yet who’s behind the number-crunching?

**** The terrifying figures are generated by the Covid Tracking Project****

This obscure bunch is operated by a group of BIOTECH ENTREPRENEURS and YOUNG STATISTICIAN NOVICES.
It is housed at APPLE COMPUTERS HEIRESS, LAURENE POWELL JOBS within the FAR-LEFT ATLANTIC MAGAZINE compound. Steve Jobs left his money to a whore for the system. Go figure.
No science involved here so why have any scientist in charge!
Lets use statisticians and play with numbers. Making more sense now?

**So when we see stats from a MSM outlet, we can be assured these fuk stix produced or compiled it ALL, valid or not.

**Please make sure folks know this and can see it with their own eyes.
This is important to know as, He who controls the data holds the mind in check of the truth!

I pray God bless you with peace and His love thru His Son Jesus.

Please read ALL above before and after viewing. It will make more sense.



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