Graphene Vaccine..Georgia Guidestones..Global Genocide

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What if the C-19 virus is only the manufactured FEAR that causes a large percentage of the worlds population to receive the Graphene Oxide, mRNA Vaccine that is attracted to the neurons in the brain and in fact encapsulates the cortex with a digital layer susceptible to frequency modulation? What if ’they’, (the elite psychopaths like Gates, etc) turn on the Frankenstein frequency that kills millions in a few hours and leaves the ones that don’t die immediately like Zombies? What if it’s like this video? Also 2 corrections...1. Elon Musk calls it Neural Lace the Inventors called it Neural Link 2. EU spent 10 1/2 billion not 1 1/2 billion on this project..
Zbigniew Brzezinski...His EASY KILLER guidance for the Georgia Guidestones


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