Vaccine deaths are not silent – worst case scenario for Pfizer (by Ivo Sasek)

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Kla.TV - Pfizer’s mass murder cover-up plan backfires. Kla.TV founder Ivo Sasek comments on explosive Pfizer files that were made available to the public by court order instead of being sealed for 75 years. Pfizer clearly reckoned with the “time bomb vaccination death” even before vaccination started, but not with the audible cry of vaccination deaths from all kinds of statistics. The German pension fund, for example, was still complaining about a deficit of € 6.5 billion before Covid vaccination started! But now, less than two years after the start of Covid vaccination, it expects a surplus of € 2.1 billion because of the high mortality rate. That is a plus of 8600 x 1 million! A “death countdown pit stop” that will wake you up


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