Truth vs. NEW$ Inc Part 2 (22 October 2023) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Brian Davidson

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When you take a closer look, however, the entire Holocaust narrative falls apart. The International Committee of the Red Cross kept meticulous records of the age, sex, race, religion, and cause of death of all the inmates in these camps. In 1993, they recalibrated their numbers and found that the total who died from all causes combined was 296,081, none of whom died from being put into a gas chamber and gassed using Zyklon B. They were using Zyklon B to kill body lice, which were spreading typhus and dysentery throughout the camps--in other words, to preserve the health of the inmates. And that was for the obvious reason: You can’t get work out of a corpse! These were labor camps, not extermination centers. Hundreds of babies were born there and there was even a British soccer team at Auschwitz! Global One source complains that some are promoting the Hamas hoax of an Israeli bomb having hit the hospital in Gaza. If you look at the sources, it’s a massive propaganda campaign because the Western (especially American) media is dominated by dural US/Israeli journalists. Biden is moving the world toward war by sending the US military to assist Israel, but it’s not going to have a happy ending for any of us. A third US carrier is en route and Iran has opened its missile silos. Scott Ritter explains that going to war with Iran woujld be an act of suicide for the US. Meanwhile, Biden wants $105 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, but with no Speaker of the House, it’s unclear how this additional abuse of American taxpayers will be able to move forward. But have no doubt: they will find a way! And no one seems to c\are that the evidence of Biden corruption grows by the day. It’s all standard operating procedure for today’s Democrat Party.


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