VAERS show HOT LOTS Within Lots!

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Starting with Lot# 032H20A you can see the possibility of vials or boxes/packages within a lot can be spiked. Unfortunately, we are missing a critical variable of lot shipment size. Regardless, the data doesn’t lie but CDC and their statisticians do.

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Let’s look at Puerto Rico as an example and keep in mind:
1) PR has 115 C19 vaxx deaths and NONE after vaxx date July 7.
See here:

2) PR gets clobbered by three lots: 011M20A, 032H20A, 037K20A
See here:

3) Zero in on deaths by LOT/LOCATION 032H20A to see a "hot lot" or a hot lot within a hot lot?:
see here:

Summary by WelcomeTheEagle:
I’d say this is a HOT LOT within a LOT:

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