Crisis Actor David Hogg Gives an Encore Performance for Greenwood Mall Fake Shooting

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More Jewish theater for the masses to consume. This manufactured conflict hits all the notes to perpetuate the false left - right paradigm. This is one system working together to hoax you into abject servitude. For those not familiar with David Hogg, he was one of the most active crisis actors of the Parkland fake shooting in Florida (2018). His father, "former" FBI Agent Kevin Hogg, worked as a defense contractor that specialized in performing crisis operation "simulations" at the time of that hoax. First we get the resurrection of Robbie Parker from the Sandy Hook Hoax to champion the Uvalde fake school shooting at Robb elementary in Texas - and now we get Hogg for Greenwood Indiana. The sheeple still eagerly gobble it all down, they are currently chanting high praise for the appointed "hero" of the Greenwood Mall hoax (Elisjsha Dicken) on social media. The vast majority will always choose an appealing STORY, a whimsical tale, instead of investigating for the truth.


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