YOUTUBE SCAMMER Fukushima Terrorist 2

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The first thing this filthy scammer did about 8 years ago, when he lived in British Columbia was to con Geoff Palko, who lived in Alberta, out of $25,000.00 for a 28 foot Zodiac. That and all kinds of things needed for his 1st expedition. Life preservers, GPS, lights etc. etc. etc. When Geoff found out he was being scammed, he "committed suicide" on Christmas Eve. leaving behind a 16 year old son, ex wife, mother & brother.
This is the point where Dana realized there really is a sucker born every minute and many of them will believe that RADIATION FROM FUKUSHIMA has destroyed the entire coastline of British Columbia. Just go on these phony expeditions and say everything’s DEAD. A few people will believe it and give you money!
Some individuals have come along after Geoff Palko and have given him thousands of dollars. After being chased out of B.C. he ended up in Newfoundland about 2 years ago where he grew up. The scam continues! His donors have paid for his home there and many other things. All his cameras and technical equipment has been donated by stupid suckers who believe his LIES. YouTube, no matter how many complaints they’ve received over the years, still lets him scam away. They could care less.They are a disgrace.
Dana has been in trouble with The Crown Attorney & the RCMP. Making death threats against a couple of members of the nuclear community was not a smart thing to do. Hopefully the authorities in Newfoundland will catch on to his latest scam and shut him down for good.
If you have a YouTube account, consider going over to his channel. Give his latest video a thumbs down and consider writing a negative comment in the comments section. He’ll ban you from saying anything else. However, this is no big deal. He’s been doing it for years. .. So ... take your best shot!
FINAL NOTE .. The Puffin is Newfoundland’s official bird. Hundreds of thousands of them live and breed along the coast. Cape St. Mary’s is host to hundreds of thousands of Gannets who come there each year to breed and raise their young. By Oct. they’re all gone for places as far away as the Gulf of Mexico. Many other birds are in this area. Radiation From Fukushima is not causing any kind of extinction level event in Newfoundland. Pure NONSENSE!
Dana Durnford .. YouTube


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