Time Slips Away

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How time Slips Away. It seems like only yesterday...
Featuring: Glen Campbell and Willie Nelson
How Time Slips Away

As a grade schooler, I could go anywhere in the big city, even the so called "bad" neighborhoods, without fear.
I’ve made an effort to point this out to younger people who don’t have the benefit of living through these better times.
I’m quite sure that the evil people ruining our country in 2023, can’t wait till that living memory is gone, so they can start revising history to show younger people, that those more happy and more peaceful times, never existed. It was all, just....... a "conspiracy theory".
Yes! There really was a time, when you didn’t see a traffic jam of cars
with parents dropping their kids off at school. We walked to school.
Do we see thousands of people protesting for a better, more free way of life for their families?
NO, we see thousands protesting for the
the rights of the few, to live their lives, without any restrictions.


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