Giffords Shooting FAKE - Loughner NEVER Arrested - ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL IV

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If you have watched this series this far, you know that the Gabrielle Giffords "shooting" was FAKE. So WHY would Jared Loughner, the supposed 'shooter', have been arrested? He wasn't. That's what the records indicate. There is no record of his arrest found, and no REAL mugshot either. There is NO record of Jared Loughner in the Pima County jail. Jared Loughner appears to be a crisis actor, more or less like any other. If he had actually been arrested or jailed, he could have sued!

The government run media did very little investigation into the real background of Giffords - nor did any seriously investigate the veracity of her "bullet wound" story. Falsified information propagated unchecked through the corrupt media echo chamber. The intention was to deceive; and nearly everyone was deceived.

Who and what Gabrielle Giffords really is, finally being revealed. Watch the complete Giffords series to see the shocking conclusion.

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