Melania Trump COVERS UP for Israeli Puppet John Bolton

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Waited a few hours to publish this since I uploaded the child abuse gate keepers video earlier this morning instead of last night like I wanted to.

Anyway…Melania enters the news again to distract, cover up and deflect the attention from what's really important and SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT. I showed about Israel, Gaza, the IDF assassinated numerous people including a Hamas Commander…before that I showed that the US was ‘hoping' Russia would allow Israel to continue bombing Iran in Syria…getting the picture?
So when I saw this in the ‘news' this morning at the gym, along with staged infighting in the White House, the new incoming House members/leaders, CNN gets a lawsuit filed in court against Trump for Acosta's press credentials revoked, Adam Schiff in the news too…well, I had to show you all yet again in REAL TIME via video screen capture how the Jew World Order really works and their US Zionist Jesuit educated puppets do it.

Thanks for watching, sharing, commenting…I appreciate it, I'll also be sending a nice donation to Jason for 153news servers since seeing the average per month is only at $170.00. gonna try and help change that since I see this site actually fighting against and winning against the censorship online war.


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