Philly Cop Shooting - Fake Blood Sprayed on Fake Cop Victim

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The injured cop is wearing a white under-garment compatible for rigging and deploying a fake blood squib. You can see the blood squirt to the ground while the left arm is hidden from camera view. His partner fumbles for something in his belt but he either retrieves nothing or something no larger than a remote control. Like a magic trick the distraction is all about drawing attention to the right arm held out for his partner to treat while the squib is deployed on the left side when his partner presses the wireless remote control button on what is likely a Hollywood style AirSquibb system. Also notice the Masonic clues. This event is staged at the pedestrian BLACK and WHITE cross-walk plus the curious gematria of the patrol car -- Watch this video to see how blood squibs are deployed by remote conrol...


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