US National NEWS FLOODED with Jews - Lies - Propaganda

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I told you all so, watch by this Friday November 30, 2018 and see how the news is gonna have an "event" of some sorts...brief description:
Jared kushner HIGHEST HONORS in Mexico TODAY!
NEW caravan Migrant crisis all over Fox News!! HEALTH CRISIS!!
Caravan 'began' in Guatemala...after Guatemala named 4 SQUARE BLOCKS after Jerusalem for the capital of Israel?!?! coincidental? nope!!
Trump - Jew Michael Cohen new LIES as Trump now calls it an "ILLEGAL HOAX" and to end Russia probe
Florida...AG gave 'sweetheart deal' to child raping Jew Epstein yet Cali's AG is taking the spotlight??
California being flooded, destroyed by controlled weather while climate change report/Trump and agendas are battling it out...coincidental?? lol nope!! we called it here in beginning of the week!
Delta airlines ditching passports NOW USING FACIAL BIOMETRIC DATA TERMINALS!!

enjoy your weekend everyone...later!


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