Alaska EarthQuake PREDICTED on 153news!!

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it's published here...days ago, November 28, 2018...
it's published here...TODAY HOURS AGO!! November 30, 2018 and I called it out too about an event to take place
I posted it on my Facebook on November 28, 2018
texted my boy Spade on November 28, 2018 FALSE FLAG FRIDAY!!
here's what I just posted to my facebook while uploading the video here:

I posted it here...I uploaded pics of #JaredKushner and said watch out for a major event this Fri...said in my video, same day November 28...posted it, wrote it out too in the description box MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENT BY FRIDAY!! BOOM!! #Earthquake in #Alaska where #HAARP is?!?! 1 week to the day of the #ClimateChange #Report released?!?! same day as Cali said what about using new data to fight #Trump over #ClimateChange denial?!?! wake up damn it!! yet I'm saying it on the record before it happens and it's happens yet I'm the asshole to all of my friends...I'm the asshole..


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