Alex Jones Analysis, No Solutions For The Sheeple, Divide & Conquer

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Alex Jones Analysis, No Solutions For The Sheeple, Divide & Conquer

He has introduced us to the problem
He has instigated the reaction
And the solution? He has not offered any viable solution to solve the problem except for his support of Ron paul. But the that has diminished.
Divide and Conquered.
He doesn’t offer any course of action to conquer just to divide, divide and divide. Aimlessly.
He is leading the sheeple aimlessly. I am the Shepard of the Sheeple.

And how your reporter is giving an exciting report, you jump in and say the punchline. Then you say go ahead or continue. Well what do o you want him to say. You said it.
What I don’t know or figured out is if there is a consistency of his interruption with a consistent topic. If the guest is going somewhere AJ don’t want to go to.
How many times have you said, "I am sorry , go on".
I don’t like the way you interrupt your guest. Not talking going into a commercial break, but in a middle of a good point, you jump in with the same rant as we all heard before.

Alex must be one of the highest dr who fan, because all of the episodes are what he is preaching. Is he a nut case fearing from dr who, using quantum mechanics to justify his beliefs? If you search for the answer long enough you will find it.

That is why I am agnostic. It is not that the illuminti is ruled by the devil and it is not that God is guiding Alex. That is why I am agnostic. I don’t take sides. Purely objective.

Only 20% is true, we are screwed. AND it is, so we are screwed.

He uses a NWO song Blue Monday. One of my favorite bands, seen them in th eHollywood bowl, over 20 yrs ago. AND Dr WHo theme song whose whole efforts is to high the NWO in the episodes. A time lord traveling the universe stamping out the NWO.

praying on air. All of the god bless. God is not going to solve this problem. See my video, Religion is not working. It is not about winning the battle , but to never give up. bible verse

Th elitist? The illuminate? WHo are these people, Just a category. What are their names, addresses, phone numbers. WHO ARE THEY. He never identifies them exactly. We know of David Rocerfeller, The rothchilds, and the Queen. But why can’t we locate them on google earth. WHY. Why can’t we spam them? Why can’t we send a posse over and arrest them.

He walks around too bold. Like the assertiveness of Obama strut. He fears no evil.
Jones is doing what he says they do to us. He is the media for this. Why is there not any other? Others can’t break into the arena.
How he seems to predict their actions.

ALEX you are giving socialism a bad name.

TEE SHIRT Anvil, thin and freeing. A German company , made in Bangladesh 100% cotton, but definitely not a BEEFY TEE. BUT I am proud to wear it.

I submitted a REPORTER CONTEST video , and never heard anything from them, Not even "Your video sucked" reply. Or even an acknowledgement of receipt. AN auto response would o seven been nice. I even sent a follow up email w/o reply.
The contest is like an American Idol contest where simon is just exploiting talent to make money.

WATCH the web site PLANET INFOWARS. You know the NSA is monitoring it. MAYBE collecting names of political dissidents. Maybe there will be a block just for AJ followers. To see who is on the side that needs to be eliminated.

He is doing the dividing, FOR THEM. Does he really work for them.
They approached his dad, why not think they approached Alex too.


On the campaign to impeach Obama. History has proven that impeaching a President is a worthless act, and a waste of money. Only arresting obama will be effective.

Selling his self promoting products. I had to do the same.

Don’t know if you supported Bush or not.

A republican canine plan before elections. Campaign smear.

Alex may not even believe how stupid the sheeple are because he can’t get them motivated to roit and protest. So that we can have a civil war and put you all in the camps.

Trying to call in to talk to Alex is worst than being the 5 th caller for a rock concert tickets.

Animated delivery and Max. same people over them and coaching them.


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