Q-anon Psyop Explained

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via Wardo Rants
on BitChute March 20th, 2018.

The Anatomy of a Psyop .. In this respect it would be the same technique used to make Trumps Ascent into the White House possible, is also being used to distract the masses like the Pied Piper into a Rat Hole that leads to nowhere, along with the dream that Trump is their Savior. Just like every year we get fed another WWII film selling the bag of goods that fit with the Jewish narrative of the Holo-Hoax .. Q-anon is another bag of BS that is continuing to sell you the Trump Phenomena as the answer to another scumbag in Hillary Clinton. One of the characters that may be of special interests might be Dr. Steve Pieczenik a Infowars contributor, self proclaimed Psychological Warfare Expert. Whom has claimed that there would be a coup D'etat in the Deep State. Dr. Steve Pieczenik claims also is very much pro Russian and adamantly opposed to Netanyahu, which is kind of like shitting out of both ends.


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