Alex Jones Loses to Sandy Hook Hoax Families

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so the super obese, unhealthy truther shill who along with James Fetzer helped destroy the truth exposures of the Sandy Hook HOAX massacre....fat man Jones now has to pay 4 lying fraudulent families to help aid in others not to speak out......
then we have the Rittenhouse shooting psyop going on in courts basically for the agenda of do not protect yourself, reform the police to the WOKE SOCIALIST AGENDA force to become more of a reality........
YouTube shill Montagraph doing podcasts promoting Steve Kirsch $1M governor Newsom is vaccine injured psyop and has "proof" via "sources he cannot disclose" while also saying the fat man Alex Jones of infowhores has "sources that verified his sources......" I....I....I mean really people, come on!!! these are all shills for mainstream frauds and liars!!!!
they’re aiding the section 230 agenda and censorship along with the reform agendas of the social justice woke left warriors........


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