The New York Parking Garage Collapse

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The New York Parking Garage Collapse.
How could this happen?
Was it a tragic accident as reported?
Or something else?
A more important question, that I suspect
won’t be answered, is how many
deficient parking structures from ancient New York,
City, are in existence, and are being ignored?
Another important issue I neglected to note, is that
there are no markings for parking spaces
whatsoever. Very, very strange. Someone has been getting
some large payoffs to look the other way.
We haven’t heard the last of this, or have we?

Location Enterprise Ann Parking
Facility Address: 57 Ann St, NY, NY 10038, USA
Posted Rates for parking facility.
Hourly Rates
0 - 1/2 Hour ($15)
0 - 1 Hour ($31)
0 - 2 Hours ($38)
0 - 10 Hours ($48)
0 - 24 Hours ($56)
Special Rates
Early Bird: M-F, enter 6a-10a, up to 12 hours ($28)
Weekend: any 12 hours, max to midnight ($24)
Oversized Vehicles: additional to daily rates ($10)
Minivans, Pickups & Vans: additional to daily rates ($20)


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