Mr @realMarkLatham introduces the #StopTheBoylover @ad_nsw complaint handling act bill!

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@garryburnsblog is a pedophilia normalization activist who sues people for the hate crime of criticizing gay men charged or convicted with raping children, as he believes it's wrong to hate the rape of children!
He sued my dad for the crime of homo-sexually vilifying vilifying Mark Newton and Peter Truong Russian infant baby rapists: (hour 2)
My dad was in Vietnam when he made the comments but the gay judge who used a fake name in court who said he specializes in representing pedophiles says the @NCATNSW tribinual forces love of child rapists on a global scale!

Garry Burns Supports the Ordo Templi Orientis Child rape cult exposed in my other interviews

Garry Burns sued bernard Gaynor for the hate crime of critising gay men whipping out their penises in front of children whilst being cheered on by cops in Rainbow Marked Police cars in public at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade
for this blog post:

Garry Burns sends his penis picture to underage Melbourne Craigslist child prostitutes and openly lusts for "beautiful young gay boys" online

He sends emails to members of Parliament saying any person who hasn't had their penis sucked off by a rabbi (in metzitzah b'peh ritual) is inferor and needs to have their "dirty unwashed forskin a dog would refuse to eat" looked into.

I could go on and on about his 150 cases against the @sunol_john Or the fact the @ad_nsw NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is headed by a pedophlie who loves boy brothels and fakes gay hate crimes. but you get the idea. I just want to get this video out now :)


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