Israel has the right to ‘genocide’ - Swedish prime minister slips up

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Swedish prime minister slips up: Israel has the right to ‘genocide’

That’s called a Freudian slip, which is basically when you accidentally say something that your subconscious mind actually believes.
Nov 22, 2023 #israel #UlfKristersson

“Israel has the right to genoci… self-defence.”

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson made what many social media users are calling a Freudian slip when he almost stated that Israel had the right to commit genocide during an open Q&A session in Gothenburg with Sweden’s Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson.
#palestinegenocide #UlfKristersson #israel

Even their own tongues can’t stand the lies.


‘Israel has right to genocide’, Swedish PM’s horrible gaffe at event attended by Palestinian supporters.

During an event in Gothenburg on Wednesday (Nov 22, 2023), the PM presumably made the mistake in front of a huge crowd, before correcting himself by saying that Israel “has the right to self-defence”, invoking laughter from the protesters.

In the now viral video, Kristersson can be heard saying, “Sweden and the EU stand united, Israel has the right to genoci…self-defence!”

Kristersson later slammed the protestors on Facebook calling them disrespectful.


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