Shooting Hoaxes Must Go on - Maryland

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Just as I outline in the Florida shootings, both Ft Frauderdale and Parkland, this shooting also just happened to come up on the eve of some very critical state legislation they wanted to pass. Maryland senate had just approved the ban of Bump stocks the day prior, BUT the bigger bill and AGENDA was what the Fake News was pushing yesterday! They wanted more spending on school resource officers, and X-ray machines for schools! I didn't know this at the time I made my first video on Great Mills, but I suffered thru the Press Conference to see if there was some goofs and agendas being pushed and was lucky to find this little nugget that matched up with their "HERO Resource Officer" Fluff piece that they kept mentioning from crisis actor to sheriff and reporters! Every time I heard this story discussed by either a parent, kid, or reporter, they kept pushing for checking kids as they go into school or that they really need more resource officers. It was obvious that everyone had been given the agenda to push! Sounds like Maryland taxpayers will be paying a pretty penny for all of the zionist security equipment they want in the schools to train them early for prison.


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