I Miss The Trump Rallies!

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You certainly won’t see a Biden rally with 20,000 - 54,000 people. The guy is our Phony Fake President & a disaster. This election cost a lot of money to rig. We know Zuckerbug spent about 400 million on drop boxes and other crap. We know China has a large interest in Dominion plus they probably dumped an easy half billion to a billion dollars into the get rid of Trump election. How much did The Clinton Foundation & Friends kick in? A billion dollars. How about George Soros? Obama & his friends? The drug cartels? How about an easy one to two billion dollars. There’s a lot of people, companies & organizations that wanted Trump out. 5 billion dollars to pay everybody off from the lowly poll workers all the way up to the Supreme Court ... No problem. The dirty money was there.

There seems to be a number of ASSHOLES out there who think there’s no difference between Trump & Biden. Take 1 issue .. the wall. I’d rather see Trump in office building another 500 miles of wall to help stop the drugs, human trafficing, the gangs, & all the other trash out of this country. Asshole Biden implies come on in. What a creep. How much did the cartels pay him to do that? $25,000,000.00. Maybe a lot more. Nowhere in this video does it say, show or imply that Trump was perfect. However when your taxes go up and you’re paying $5.00+ at the pump that alone should clue you in .... there is a difference and Trump is very different.

Why post even a slightly positive video about Trump here when you have totally NEGATIVE ASSHOLES like MattyD and a number of others refusing to believe there was anything good about the guy. They think they know it all when reality is they’re f#cked in the head idiots. Yeah Trump’s big mistake was these vaccines that haven’t been fully tested. However under very difficult circumstances (the Russia hoax & 2 impeachments - dealing with the Deep State Fake News) he’s done a lot of good things. Now we have a professional criminal back in office. A Carlo Gambino type .. NIGHTMARE who’s not all there upstairs. Get ready for $5.00 or more at the pump this summer.


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