Garlic festival redux with new added details

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I decided to add some new evidence and reloaded this presentation. And yes I know Dayton was equally absurd. I saw that they mixed the Garlic guy in there too. As I indicated in this presentation. This is a stupidity test on the sinfully stupid dumb people. Most folks are stupid dumb animals who cannot even trust their own eyes.The establishment knows this to be the case. This is a "Reveation of the Method" fake show where they are deliberately showing you it is fake. It is a way of mocking the zombies for being so god damn stupid that they deserve what is coming. Anyone who does have common sense and can trust their own eyes is now considered to be a terrorist. This is beyond preposterous.

Let's rock!!! Get a load of that crooked treasonous politician congressman Ted Deutch, what a douche. Ted Deutche is a ziocon who is in on the fraud. Ted Deutche ought to be brought to justice in an honest courtroom, if there is such a thing.


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