Alien Deception ?

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Would the governments of the world try to create an alien deception to unite humanity under a one world dictator and false religion to enslave them? Mirrored from BitChute. While I have been critical of material coming from INFOWARS it has never been a personal attack on Peace Terrorist who has posted material from INFOWARS, truth is sometimes where you find it. Ronald Reagan once made a speech to the United Nations saying what if the world were confronted with an extraterrestrial threat from outside our universe and we were able to put aside our differences (religious & political) to work together to fight this threat to humanity. Over the last three years we have seen our government and the governments of the world have conspired to deceive and depopulate humanity through the Coronavirus Hoax. I would not discount anything that governments would use to deceive humanity, and am certain they would use any means necessary to achieve that end, and currently we are being attacked by numerous deceptions and threats, I don’t subscribe to all of the authors this narrator presents, but some of the material is intriguing and I am using them as data points, Hollywood has also been instrumental in programing the minds of the people setting them up for deception. I remember a segment from the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind, where there is an exchange of emissaries between the aliens and the earthlings, and a catholic priest is offering communion to those about to depart on the mother ship reciting a verse from the bible saying concerning the works of his hands he has given his angels charge, planting the seed in the clueless viewers, that the childlike impish aliens are the angles of God, and I believe it is possible the atmosphere is being created for a massive worldwide deception.


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