Satan, The god of This World. Be Not Deceived, The Film.

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This film takes a comprehensive look into the greatest conspiracy taking place against mankind. I spent around 170 hours arranging this film and I had to reedit it due to the YouTube censors. I know it is long but it had to be that way and it's not meant to be skimmed through as everything is connected and it flows as a story being told. The film speaks for itself and it has plenty of evidence to back it up. I pray that all who watch this film will be woken up to the fact that Satan is the god of this world just as the Bible says and I pray that all may come to the knowledge of the truth that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

The videos I arrange take alot of time and effort and it usually takes me about a month to properly edit and arrange the story along with adding the music for just one video. If you would like to support this ministry you can donate through PayPal. The address to send to is:

Thank you for watching and God bless!


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