New Zealand, Christchurch terror hoax, a magic new head & body appear out of thin air!

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While watching the Christchurch mosque terror hoax video, I noticed a very strange thing. After the man/dummy with a cap had it blown off by the air blast at around 10:58, two very bizarre things happened.

Firstly his face vanishes and is replaced with a full length mask of some kind, CGI no doubt. But then, when the next shot took place, to the right of him, a new man appeared, the face appearing instantly, and the body appearing out of what looked like mist. CGI mist that would be. I think most of us missed it because we were distracted by the man whose cap flew off, but there right next to him, a new body/mannequin dummy appears like magic.

I think it was maybe always there, but might have been sitting up or just not role playing properly, so they masked it out of the shot until it was in the right position, then took the video mask off, and it magically appears out of nowhere! Yet another example of the deceit of the original video makers, and the false flag hoax nature of the whole event.


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