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Dont touch it

Sodium azide is used in agriculture (farming) for pest control.
Sodium azide is also used in detonators and other explosives.

Covid-19 test kits contain lethal chemicals.

The swab contains ethylene oxide. The test kit reagent contains sodium azide. The reagent sodium azide is used to react with the swab to indicate if the covid-19 virus is present.

You are directly contaminated with the swab that contains ethylene oxide.

The swab is then used with a reagent, sodium azide, in the test kit.

The covid-19 test kits have NOT been FDA cleared or approved for use to test for covid-19.

The more you use the test kit the more you become contaminated with ethylene oxide contained in the swab.

The dropper bottles contain the reagent sodium azide which is very toxic and if it comes into contact with you skin can kill you.

Also if it is ingested it will kill you.

There is a chance you could get the sodium azide on you skin when you take the tip off the dropper bottle and put 6 drops into the upper hole of the test kit.

You will automatically be contaminated with ethylene oxide when you stick the swab into your nose and twirl it around a few times.

Watch the binax now covid-19 test kit video below that explains how to use the test kit and be sure to note the disclaimer at the end of the video.


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