Imprisonment of Haskell for Protesting Chemtrails

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The Beat Up and Imprisonment of Chris Haskell for Protesting Geoengineering/Chemtrail Spraying
Published on Jun 10, 2018.

FBI, Pima County Sherriff Department, Tucson Police Department & US Government

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Documenting for Lawsuit Ban Geo-Engineering / Chemtrails
Tucson Arizona today 06/06/2018 was being sprayed with particulates of toxic materials called the Geo-Engineering program / Chemtrails!

Did you give your consent to spray your air with anything?

Did the Geo-Engineering program in Pima County knowingly and / or intentionally conduct biological warfare with the intent to terrorize, intimidate or horrify you?

Then they have committed a Terrorist act so please notify the FBI, Pima County Sherriff's dept and the Tucson Police Department that the US Government should be charged with the exact same crimes which they are attempting to charge me with here in Pima County, except my charges are for "Simulated Biological attack on Pima County".

Solar Geo-Engineering has been going on for years in many ways!

Word is that most of these airplane's conducting some of the spraying of particulates into the atmosphere do not have their transponders turned on therefor nobody can see them on their screens!

Now that is illegal! Nobody can operate an aircraft without their transponders on or they will be escorted to the ground by F-16's pretty quickly yet the US Air Force has allowed these Geo-Engineering airplanes to travel all about without their transponders turned on for years


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