Whats Going On with Photos in the MSM/News MetaData Scrub

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This is just informational. Not suggesting anything. You find your own truth.
How can we ever verify anything?
As you can see by a few images look at, its not the search engine removing the data. Some have it.
This was maybe 20 mins of recording after spend over an hour trying to find image information, compressed down to go faster.

When we take a picture, the device it was taken with stores "meta data". This data contains things like, date, time and resolution of the image. Most devices today also store the location as well. This feature can usually be turned off. Date, time and resolution have no reason to be turned of for an honest photographer. Here is a good web site to get you some information. Try it on you own photos from you cameras or devices.

There also are utilities to do more photo investigation like:
See what you can find. Peace. 👍


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