How The Covaids Plandemic Morphed Into The Communist Green New World Order

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INTRO VID: mRNA - Media Bear:

Lucy’s got little fans all over the world!:

Bill Gates on the global green reset: "It’s an all-out effort, like a world war, but it’s us against greenhouse gases.":

Australian Hot Dog Vendor Don’t Care about Lockdown:

The government is allowing us to talk to someone while SAT DOWN on a bench - Paul Joseph Watson:

Welcome to THE UPSIDE DOWN! - WhatsHerFace:

This is what a brainwashed cult looks like (my mask is my savior):

If women get turned off at their UFC fighter boyfriend trying to protect themselves from death, imagine what they think of you with your mask, working at a bank, telling people to stay safe:

Rare footage of Peter Schiff when he found out about Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow Model:


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