ATP Infamous Banned Video May 2017

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This was our now infamous banned video on Youtube. May 23, 2017. It was truth tuesday and the World was reeling with Disinformation and clues to how corrupt Donald Trump is. - Famous Quote by David Sponheim "I will be President", Round Robin on the News, Duterte discussed, Steven Greer cseti Project, Media Verification Alliance Introduced, Manchester attack fake hoax, Trump mob connections, Trump Golfing pic, Seth Rich, Blimp Plane, Mobile Medical Unit, Basic Income Introduced $400/month first offer, Sarah visits the Show, interracial relations encouraged, IP ban at Twitch before they changed their TOS Rules, Hand swipe by Melania in Israel, glyphosate Discussed 99% in Urine!, Dov Zackheim and the Bush Bond Issue 9.11.91 due on Sept 11, Disinformation expert Alex Jones, the Zionist Cabal Exposed, Their Pedophile Rings controlling Politics, Ashkenazi connection to Nazis in America!, The Sponheim Castle is seen, YouTube Censorship against ATP is brought up at the end of this great Broadcast.


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