Razorfist, Fauci Testifies, Cali Prop 47, Zion Ron, What’s Her Face 2024

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"Inconvenient Truths" is a weekly reaction video series where Gary presents various videos, articles, screen shots and stories for Jim’s and our audience’s spontaneous, unrehearsed reaction through our comment section. Tonight’s show includes: Demond Wilson of Sanford and Son gives devastating truth to all who will listen, Is the Michoud NASA facility in New Orleans East gigantic film studio? Meet the author of Prop 47 in California which allows $950 in theft, Dr. Fauci testifies to the absurdities of Covid 19 policy, What’s Her Face on what to leave behind from 2023, Razorfist demonstrates what a twit Nikki Haley is, she is certainly a no brainer, Zion Ron is Perry Strong plus much much more!


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