THE WHEELERS - A New Look at Sandy Hook Child Trafficking

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In the beginning, researchers mostly considered the 2012 Sandy Hook hoax as a capstone event carried out by DHS and FEMA to promote gun control until 2016 when the #Pizzagate scandal revealed a Satanic cult is at the “black heart” of the government's Deep State.

Five years later, many of the children have grown up, and it's time to take a fresh look at the child victims of Sandy Hook in the light of potential crimes of child abuse, child trafficking and pedophilia.
Comment from PCGEEK: The unidentified man is Curtis Urbina with his daughter Lenie Urbina & Nate Wheeler .... theyve been friends for years and younger pictures of both were used as victims. Lenie Urbina was used as Avielle Richman and Nate Wheeler as his fake younger brother Ben Wheeler. The following collage you will even see a released pic of Ben & Avielle together but really it is Lenie & Nate when younger.
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