Malcom Turnbull PM’s dorm master VIP pedo had armed undercover cops at funeral

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NSW Police protect their VIP protected pedophiles who claim to have saved the NSW Police Rescue unit from being defunded in 1993 as a convicted pedophile since 1982 even in death. Of course, it was not an open casket, so anything could be possible.
This is a part 2 special with James Fetzer PhD exposing NSW Police/ASIO VIP Protected Pedophiles Downunder with a focus on Adrian Cooper exposing new revelations into his strange death written off as "Alzheimer’s" as the cause of death, who didn’t have a death certificate 1 day before his corpse was allegedly cremated just after I outed him as a protected pedophile. Previous episode on James Fetzer’s channel: 1.5k views so far.
DEATH TO THE HOMOPEDOCOPS at the, founded by the child sex cult operative Dr Gregory John Tillett ( - last page source who are partnered with that offer hands-on BDSM and dildo stroking classes to 12-year olds & up, that the MSM says is homophobic to be against them doing so when George Christensen MP outs them in Federal Parliament for "child grooming" (video on The very same charity that Garry "Boylover" Burns child sex normalization activist ( brother of ASIS’s 2IC disgraced ex NSW Police Catherine Judith Burns who gives all of his court winnings to Twenty10 in order to get access to all the homeless "gay children" and child prostitutes there. That is one example when he demanded the former Victorian state premier Jeff Kennett give him 20k to pass on to the child prostitute dormitory because he disrespected a case law confirmed pedophile Ken Campagnolo aka top 25 queer hero award winner. I don’t endorse Jeff Kennett in any way, as I have dirt on him too. There is Garry suing the Treasurer of South Australia for opposing Gay men’s perceived right to show their penises to children in public as Adrian Cooper did before he raped me.
He also sued One Nation Party rep for the "crime" of having Catholic views on sexuality.

You can send the homopedocops my regards at on their Government Facebook page.
It is incredible that a convicted gay man and boy lover since 1982 Adrian Cooper Sydney Grammar School teacher allowed to work with kids up to 2015 by the Government, gets the order of Australia in 1992 for "services to youth" that he raped from the Queens representative the Governor-General.


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