The New JFK Show #268 Robert Knudsen

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Robert Kneuden was a White House photographer for 5 administrations and after getting clearance from the Secret Service gave the House Select Committee on Assassination a slam dunk, smoking gun account of Secret Service complicity. During "JFK Revisited", Doug Horne refers to a deposition for the HSCA with White House Photographer Robert Knudsen, which offers striking testimony at odds with other reconstructions of the medical evidence in this case. Larry followed up on Doug’s mention of Knudsen’s testimony to the HSCA about seeing a photo of JFK’s body erect with two probes through the body, which appears to have been manipulations trying out various ways to minimize the wounds on the body--one of which links the throat entry wound to the back entry wound 5.5" below the collar--and when they decided it wouldn’t work, they discarded the evidence they had created, which only remained in the recollections of Knudsen. We have written to David Mantik and to Doug Horne for their views about his testimony.


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