Cutting through the Fog

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They exist all over the place to muddy the waters, misdirect and deceive. But it is not hard to find the truth once you pull the blinders off.
We have all been fooled by our leaders and heroes. None of them are who we thought they were. They are all actors sent in to controlus. In the case of Civil Rights, we have been controlled to celebrate a progress that is illusory. We are assured things are getting better as they stay the same or get worse. We are spoonfed some meaningless “advances”, while all meaningful change is denied us. That applies equally to men and women, black and white, young and old. Blacks see Tiger Woods and Oprah getting rich and famous and think things are changing. They see Obama become President and think things are changing. But those are just sweetened pacifiers. They are meaningless, since those people are just actors. They are puppets on a stage, dangled to divert you.


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