Killing the Indian in the child, Canadas History of Child Abuse

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Killing the Indian in the child
The indigenous population of Canada fell victim to a cultural genocide, perpetrated until 1996. The re-education was cruel: children were torn from their parents and taken to boarding schools. These Indian residential schools were mostly run by Christian clerics. Many died there of illness, suffered from ill-treatment or were sexually abused. Almost 1,200 indigenous women were murdered or reported missing in Canada between 1980 and 2012, but the police are hesitant to clear up the cases, an effect of the systematic discrimination against the First Nations, which began with the Indian Act 150 years ago. Now a group of Ontario survivors are demanding compensation for the wrong done. The Canadian state has admitted mistakes, but reparations for the traumatized victims and their descendants have not yet been approved. The documentary accompanies the activists in their struggle for justice, and shows their pain in emotional interviews.


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