CDC - The Bull Sht Corona-19/Covid Stats -Influenza data not taken in 2020

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From the thumb I added to this we can see even back in 1918 people were awake but did nothing.
We now have power of sharing info instantly. So.. lets get on it. Share this video with next guy who says CDC is good, doctors dont take monies to hold patents and all data is above the board.
No.. its not.. None of it is legit.. We only need to speak loudly. Guys are going to be in the streets burning others out very soon. Wake someone up!
If you live where firearms are somehow not allowed, get a "wrist rocket". Look it up... old bucked of bolts or gravel. Practice a bit. You can send a ball bearing thru a street sign with one.

Cummons guys.. screw all the who did what... wake someone first.. them move to the how and why. IMO thats why we fail. Cant dump entire history of nonsense government and satanic people in lap of a noob to moon hoax, jjfk etc.

Get em guys!


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