Upchurch Exposes Fake Kiely Rodni Event

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Ryan Upchurch just exposed the Fake News Industry, and this year they’ve been pushing a ton of FAKE murder stories like Gabby Pettito one. I appreciate how Ryan breaks down how they use old pictures of someone, gives them a new name and profile on Social Media, and then their crisis actor parents can’t shed a tear or act like normal people. Then the Youtubers make a killing on these fake murder stories by posting updates and hypothesis on them. Youtube lost a lot of money when they started censoring people, and now they are making a killing on channels like Molly Golightly who took a megaphone to the Brain Washing (Brian Laundry) parents house, and then she went to the Summer Wells lost child hoaxes house in TN with her stupid bullhorn, and now the Kill Rodni (Kiely Rodni) hoax that she can push to these alleged crime solving channels on Youtube to push more advertisement revenue for both Youtube and the Channels that push these fake events. When the school shooting events are running dry, find some pics of BLONDE GIRLS/WOMEN and claim something bad happened to them! You can raise gofraudme money for the crisis actors, and Youtube rakes in money by the public coming to Youtube channels that push the narrative and provide hypothesis’s on potential suspects. It’s been ridiculous and the stories are too big of a waste of time for everyone involved, and gets the public off real issues going on in the World.

How long will it take for them to yank Ryan Upchurch’s channel or threaten a lawsuit?


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