Meet’s Aleister Crowley Aussies jailed for "villifying"

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So About Aleister Crowley (2019 Documentary):
I can’t believe how great this documentary is on Aleister Crowley of the Child Sex Cult that Brian Meager SC of the ACAT Tribunal says is a hate crime to disrespect him or the OTO, a state recognised religion that Magistrate Harbinson at VCAT too will convict you absent from court contrary to Victorian Charter of Human Rights Section 25(d) Right to appear in person! It has all my 8chan voat /pizzagate/ research and some extra doxxing™ & (3x more OTO vids)
_ see section 41;%20charset=iso-8859-1 case law says legg & devine in court. Magistrate Harbinson lied says David Bottrill and the says so here too.

David Bottrill of the OTO child sex cult is trying to jail John Christopher Sunol right now in 2021 for the crime of calling the OTO a satanic sex cult like all the UK newspapers have for a century, and even in the last decade. I need you all to join especially if you are in the USA, UK or most importantly AUS and ask me what you can do to help John (protest, covert surveillance, witness court proceedings etc!) Direct line: (don’t just say hello say fk the OTO so I know you are not a spammer)



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