Conspiracy Granny Offers $100,000 Reward + Who's Chump is Trump ~ Beyond the Veil #12

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In honor of Conspiracy Granny & Side Thorn, two of my heroes... the first time we met over a year ago.Is Trump one of US or one of THEM? We may or may not be able to agree but he does further the globalist agenda by the very role he plays up. We'll examine predictive programming as well as various narratives around war and the justifying of it. We'll finish off meeting Conspiracy Granny & her side kick Side Thorn as they tell us of their $100,000 REWARD for anyone who can prove any one of the deaths around 17+ different false flags that happened around them... BUCKLE UP!

Beyond the Veil #12~ Who's Chump is Trump + Conspiracy Granny Offers $100,000 Reward


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