Virginia Beach Victim "Laquisha" - Apparently ALIVE Under Alias in New York

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The Virginia Beach "massacre" victim Laquisha Brown, seems to have used a completely different alias up until about 6 months ago or less. Under this alias, she seems to be living an entirely different life in the Bronx - a life not mentioned, of course, in fake news sources. This combined with the fact that we cannot find any evidence of a burial for her, or even of a real obituary... well, you draw your own conclusions.

ALSO SEE; Virginia Beach Shooter CONNECTED to Sandy Hook via Kaitlin Roig Family

(The Virginia Beach "shooter" is connected to the family of the infamous Kaitlin Roig "survivor" family of Sandy Hook. One of his addresses is the same as that of an organization, working with a member of the Roig family. )

Sandy Hook - FBI Confirms No One Died;

Federal Death Master File records also confirm none of the children died;

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