Part 2/3 - There Never Was, and Still is Not, a "Contagious" Virus.

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If you haven’t watched Part 1/3, and believe there was a virus, please watch it now. Link is here:
Over the last 3 years, your belief systems most likely have been manipulated by something called ’trauma based mind control’ - so until you see how you could have been manipulated with deliberately false information, it doesn’t matter how much actual proof you were presented, you would automatically reject it. So please watch Part I now if you haven’t already.

Part II discusses "common sense" evidence that there is no "virus". It looks at the following:
- How ’authority figures’ (i.e., govt & health officials, CEOs of major companies, etc) acted. Their actions did not match that of a ’scary virus’, but rather a big party.
- How the "virus" seemed to be incredibly intelligent, able to count the # of people, avoid black people at protests, yet attack white people elsewhere, had a built in barometer,
plus a whole lot of other nonsensical things
- My personal experience - and how - according to "The Science", if accurate - would actually prove that I must secretly be superman! :)

So, watch this video. Comment with other things you’ve observed, and enjoy!

Part 3 (which will be coming soon) which includes evidence from official documents from authoritative sources, such as the companies and govt agencies, that there never was, and still is not a ’contagious virus’. It then offers solutions of what you can do with this information, and fight back effectively against this very sick evil perpetrating this fraud.

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