Sweden - More Media Manipulation - MMR for Matty

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See video here for why this is posted.
Matty asked someone to post this for him. I owe him this at least for his hard work get site moving again. Cheers Matty! And yes. Sweden is waaaay ahead on the 2030 nonsense. They are almost wholey now a communist country or worse. Gov is big brother and pays and supports almost all peoples. As well as history of banks etc.. the entire EU has been compromised beyond repair. You should see the news and YT videos presented on a VPN from anywhere in the EU and surrounding countries. It will blow ya mind!

Ai ALA Palintir is up and running over amazon and version infrastructure and powered by machines like Dwave. Should have paid more attention when q-intel was speaking in the open if you missed this.

Matty if you have tags and such you want in this, PM me and will fix them for you. Cheers.


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