Pittsburgh Bridge Hoax

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I’ve been busy with family, especially the false flag friday that this staged event occurred. I also needed a break from the covid nonsense, and just pulled away from watching anything on the fake news or 153 to focus on family. It’s just getting old, so in a way I was glad to see them pull this fake event. Allowed me to have some good laughs. Discussed this story with my brother and his wife and they were totally laughing about this staged nonsense that they pull on the same day Biden was arriving to discuss his ridiculous spending bill. It was nice to see that even the people on Youtube comment sections were not buying this was a natural event. If each hoax wakes up just one more person, then we are making a difference.

Anyways, pay attention to the witness and her excellent language skills! Especially when she claims she went down to see the bridge going down! She slipped up many times, but the slip about watching the bridge go down (before police) is some evidence on how they pulled this down. As far as the gas leak (which she explained in detail), they came out right after this story hit and stated there was NO GAS LEAK! No Whooshing sounds would have happened either! I’m sure slacker hubby gave her the small details on what to describe since he’s in the engineering/architect field. She stuck to the script language, but got hung up on the common sense details and possible timeline of the storyline.


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