A Mad World The Beginning Of The End. Part II, The Final Symphony

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I thank God for giving me the ability to arrange these films and I thank all of you who take the time to watch. I go through alot of spiritual warfare in the process of arranging these films and it takes me weeks to put them together and this channel has never been monetized. If you appreciate the work I do in arranging these films please support this ministry by sending a donation through PayPal to thomasveil462@gmail.comThank you and God bless.

Link to Bitchute Channel, I also upload content from other creators whose videos contain good information.

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I also recommend you watch these other films if you haven’t already. They contain very important information regarding the times we’re in.

Mandela Effect: Lucifer’s Machine Part I, The Design.

Mandela Effect: Lucifer’s Machine Part ll, The Construct.

Satan, The god of This World. Be Not Deceived, The Film.

Kanye West: An Angel Of Light, The Film. This contains alot of information that people are not aware of as in relation to the one world religion that Kanye is being used to promote.


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