C-130 Crash Hoax Another DHS Drill

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Another DHS Drill folks! Wait until you hear how this story ends! They didn't even know where this C-130 came from or who was in it....and it was on final approach to this airport! I have one correction, the aircraft was on approach to a public airfield with an Air National Guard BUT it still has an ATC. They couldn't have came within the 5 mile radius of this airport ATC without getting approval to get in the approach paths, or to land, and therefore acknowledging it's tail number. I'm in this industry, so I know that it would have been impossible for this ATC to not know the Tail Number and thus know where this C-130 came from! Then, like clockwork DHS comes to the crash scene, along with the ATF and the FBI who both took over the investigation within 30 minutes of this alleged crash! Just like ALL of the other staged events! I'll try to do an update on the Security camera allegedly catching this hoax, but if you zoom in on that video and people were actually saying it's a bird. These are people that don't realize we are being fed fake events by DHS too!


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